Western media incorrectly reported Tibet issues?

by Forrest Sheng Bao http://fsbao.net

I just saw some evidences against "incorrect report of western media". So I tried to check them and found some are made up. The website is: http://www.anti-cnn.com/ I will call them Anti-CNN for short.

Let's have a look at their first evidence regarding CNN. They (not CNN reporter) said CNN cropped a picture and neglected the truth that someone was throwing stones to army vehicles. Let's have a look at the CNN official website: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/03/15/tibet.unrest/index.html?eref=edition
There is a line under the picture: Tibetans throw stones at army vehicles as a car burns on a street in the capital of Lhasa. So, did CNN "incorrectly" report "the truth"? (the headline of that page is updated so it differs from the headline in the snapshot)

Let's have a look at the BBC. Anti-CNN listed a snapshot to BBC website. The note to a picture on that website is: There is a military presence in Lhasa. Well, it differs from the note of BBC offiicial website http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7300312.stm which said: There have been many reports of injuries and deaths in Lhasa.

Come on, don't try to convince me by madeup evidence.

PS: These incorrect "disproof" is now appear on CCTV (China's official TV) 's webpage: http://news.cctv.com/china/20080323/100134.shtml

I strongly recommend CCTV to remove it coz it harms the reputation of China and China government.

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Eric said...

Check the text under the picture exactly on March 14/15 and you will find that CNN changed the title.