a powerful x86 tablet PC with multi-touch screen

I am thinking about a product, not a ``tablet PC'' in conventional sense. It is a new kind of tablet PC that
  1. provides user experience as a tablet (e.g., Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom), especially a multi-touch screen, and
  2. has the computing power and versatility of a laptop computer, and
  3. supports commercial professional software (e.g., MATLAB, LabVIEW), thus, is of x86 arch.
I can use existing products to describe my idea. For example, I want non-convertible ThinkPad X series.

Such a tablet PC can greatly balance mobility and functionality. It fuses a business computer and a personal entertainment device. The touchscreen provides a ``portable'' keyboard when you are on the metro, or on the couch. But you can dock it into a desktop computer with external I/O when you sit in front of a desk.

Last but not least, I wanna run Ubuntu Linux on it.

I can allow the screen to be much larger than an iPad, for example, 12 inches. I can also tolerate the thickness to up to 1.5 inches.

PS: I have noticed many x86 tablet with touchscreen now, like Asus Iconia tab W500 or MSI WindPad 110W. But their processors are not at the same level as even low-end desktop processors, on performance. Fujitsu used to sell their Stylistic tablet PC powered with Intel Core 2 Duo processors (e.g., ST5112). But now they discontinued it and it does not have a touchscreen.


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nice post, its a different way to describe tablet pc

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