What is the truth? I don't wanna know

by Forrest Sheng Bao http://fsbao.net

Many people are very politically sensitive and politically responsible these days. Well, most of them are some students in a lab I sometimes visit, like 5 minutes per day. But just this 5 minutes, they can raise an argument with me. They seemed very angry about some words in my instant messenger or facebook status.

They asked me for my perspectives on a recent issue. Well, it's not a question easy to answer. So I just answered that I can't make a judgment until I know the truth.

This made them angry, "You only believe the bullshit on western media". Well, fine. Actually I didn't know this until I saw a friend's Gtalk signature. I don't care most things farther than 5 miles from my university. I asked that friend and forgot it in a minute. Few days later when I went local Chinese church, I found the hot topic was not daily life or faith to God. Then I thought I should know what's going on.

So I never believed those "western media bullshit". I even don't know about what "the bullshit" is.

Ok, then "Can you tell me something that is not bullshit?" They said blah blah blah.

I asked them, "Why do you think that is the truth?" They said they just believe so.

So i asked them, "Why do you believe something?" They couldn't answer.

Anyway I won't believe anything until some phenomena forced me to believe it. So please allow me to know something before I can believe you. I won't believe you by what you just said. Repeating what you said won't work. So, please allow other people tell me what's going on.

But, the problem is. I don't care about this. I don't wanna know what the truth is about "that thing". This spring break, I finished two major parts of my two research projects, one of which is my master thesis. I have a tight schedule. I even don't care how high the gas price is - coz I have no car.

I think, it is a disaster to a society that most people focus on same things beyond their daily life. The world is diverse. On politics, I only care whether Hillary can be the president coz her issues are related to my benefits. I don't know who is a Premier Minister in Canada or the verbose history of Kosovo. If I was a reporter, some Canadians or Serbians will blame I am a idiot. How many things do you know about the country you don't live in?

I care some things and you care something else. It has nothing to do with social responsibility. How do you know my job has no benefit to the world? My job is to change the world. Is that OK?

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