You can say NO to certain "western media". Isn't it just freedom?

by Forrest Sheng Bao

Recently, there is a movement, which is generally referred as "Anti-Western-Media movement". Generally, it is a group of Chinese students who think western media reported something about Tibet incorrectly. So they published some evidence online to say no to "western media".

Their general ideas are:
  1. The western "freedom of speech" along with freedom and democracy are lies.
  2. The western media like to make China black.
  3. We don't like the west world.
I just wanna briefly list my points of view:
  1. Are all western media's reports incorrect? I just think the banner is too large. Some western media also adopted the opposite opinion, right?
  2. I think the incorrect report has nothing to do with democracy or freedom. Now no western reporters are allowed to enter Tibet. But they have to make reports to attract audiences. So they may use unreliable information source. It's just a business behavior. No relationship with democracy or freedom.
  3. Where do you put your videos, photos and PDF docs to say NO to "western media"? I think they are on "western" sites, right? For example, we can watch videos from both sides on YouTube. Well, in a place you hear two opposite voices and they all can express them freely. Isn't it just the freedom of speech?
  4. Some evidence they listed are not solid. For example, they referred many website snapshots. Well, why don't you just put the links to those webpages? Anyway, I just can't find the Fox News webpage. Other evidences (in English) have nothing to do with "incorrect reporting". The Chinese notes to those snapshots are inconsistent with original English texts.
  5. The west world is not good and they harmed you coz they harmed your country. Then why are you still living in west world and even wanna be a citizen of west world?

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