Plot to U. Bonn's data

by Forrest Sheng Bao

I tried to plot the data sourcing from a group at U. Bonn.

Here five tar files correspond to five data sets on that group's paper. As their description on their PRE paper: Volunteers were relaxed in an awake state with eyes open A and eyes closed B , respectively. Sets C, D, and E originated from our EEG archive of presurgical diagnosis. For the present study EEGs from five patients were selected, all of whom had achieved complete seizure control after resection of one of the hippocampal formations, which was therefore correctly diagnosed to be the epileptogenic zone cf. Fig. 2 . Segments in set D were recorded from within the epileptogenic zone, and those in set C from the hippocampal formation of the opposite hemisphere of the brain. While sets C and D contained only activity measured during seizure free intervals, set E only contained seizure activity.

It's really very obvious to see their differences. Follows are plots of interictal EEG vs. ictal EEG.

Another is common people's EEG vs. patients' interictal EEG. Although both of them don't cover seizure activities, I can still feel that they are different.

When I was trying to plot these data in Python, I also encountered a tutorial which contains some interesting stuff.

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