Microsoft and (Amazon and Adobe's new support for Linux)

by Forrest Sheng Bao

Great news, Linux zealots! Two industrial giants, Amazon and Adobe just make nice with Linux users.

Linux users may always wonder how to purchase music on Linux since there is no iTunes for Linux. Well, where is new market, there is new competitors. Amazon now begins to attract those Linux users to purchase music from Amazon. Amazon has released binary package for Ubuntu 7.10, Debian 4, Fedora 8 and OpenSuSE 10.3. Wow, I won't buy any music on my Mac thru iTunes but Amazon, coz I love Linux more than Mac. I am now waiting for Amazon's movie player for Linux. Then I don't need to rent movie from Apple.

Adobe said on Feb. 25, that they will release Linux version AIR, the powerful web development environment on Linux later this year. Additionally,

While more and more industrial leaders announced their greetings to Linux, "a great player that makes a team greater", a 158 page Microsoft internal emails reveal scandalous truths about the squabbles that took place in the lead up to Vista's launch. Download the full PDF version of those emails. Here are some extremely funny things:

Mike Nash, Vice President of Microsoft, said he purchased a "Vista capable" laptop which can't enable Aero interface. He concluded "I now have a $2100 email machine".

John Shirley, a member of executive board of Microsoft, found that MSN messenger was not compatible with Vista! Another computer he just bought can't install Windows Vista. He complained "I cannot understand with a product this long in creation why there is such a shortage of drivers, I suppose the vendors did not trust us . . . enough to use the beta for driver testing?"

How did Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reply? He said "You are right that people did not trust us".

Yes, Mr. Ballmer, I don't trust Microsoft.

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