Microsoft teaching you Linux system administration

by Forrest Sheng Bao

This sounds incredible. But it's true. I came across some videos on Microsoft website regarding Linux vs. Windows. They made some videos about system administration on Linux and the one on Windows. It is obvious Linux is a threaten to Windows and it surely will grow up to eat the market share of Windows. O/w, why Microsoft built this site to claim Windows is superior than Linux?

And M$ uses Ubuntu Linux for demonstration rather than other enterprise level ones, Red Hat or SuSE. Why? I think the reason is because they feel really hard to change the status of Red Hat Linux of SuSE Linux in enterprise application now. So they wanna kill some new emerging one, Ubuntu Linux.

For example, if you wanna learn how to check you system performance, watch this:

If you wanna learn how to balance loads among HTTP servers, watch this:

A full list of screencast is here:

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