The best deal for you - stopping Microsoft from buying Yahoo

by Forrest Sheng Bao

I think all of you have read the news that Microsoft is bidding Yahoo. If you haven't read, here is one from Google Blog and here is one on Yahoo! finance.

Ok, what I wanna say? I wanna stop Microsoft from buying Yahoo. Yahoo! is the top email and instant messaging provider. Once Microsoft acquired it, M$ can force users using every Internet service provided only by Microsoft-Yahoo. They control you not go to websites of their competitors, since they controlled the PC market as well as your computer.

On that day,
Wanna buy books on Amazon? No way.
Wanna sell your old stuff on eBay? No way.
Wanna chat on AIM? No way.
Wanna check emails on Gmail? No way.
Wanna make friends on facebook? No way.
Wanna watch TV shows, rent movies, read news, play games,..., not on "the Internet of Microsoft" ? No way.

And finally, wanna make money from the Internet? Absolutely bullshit. Business? You have only two choices, earning dirty money with Microsoft, or dying without a breath.

These all will happen if Microsoft monopolies the Internet.

Because there is no free market, there is no competitors to Microsoft-Yahoo. No innovation without openness. You think the rate of AT&T was too high in 1980s, unh? So don't let the new AT&T born.

We need a free market so that all of us can make money. And because of the competition led by openness, we all do our best to provide better services to our customers. So our world is innovating. No one is forced to pay extra money for poor products.

You like deals? Supporting antitrust actions, is the best deal for you that never expires.

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Wei Hu said...

This is bloody FUD against Microsoft.