Connecting to Samba server (TTU TechDrive) on Linux

by Forrest Sheng Bao

/* Nope, I don't use Windows. I generally use Linux and Mac. Sometimes, I wanna try something different, so I will use Solaris or FreeBSD. So, I wanna help Texas Tech Linux users connecting to TechDrive, which is a file sharing service running on a Windows computer! Oh, gee, I can't believe they run it on Windows. It's much cheaper, safer and better on a Linux box. Windows, hmmm, I don't trust it. */

On GNOME desktop environment, the default one of Ubuntu Linux, it's quite easy, using "Connect to server", which is similar to the one on Mac.

Click "Places" -> "Connect to Server" and enter stuffs like this:

Then, double click the shortcut on your desktop or double click the shortcut under "Places" -> "Connect to Server". You will be prompt the password. Enter it.

How to copy? It's easy, drag-and-drop, like this. Oops, I exceed the 100 MB quota.

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