Using automatix to install software on Ubuntu

Forrest Sheng Bao

Wonder how to install Adobe Reader, skype as you install other FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) on Ubuntu using Synaptic? Although you can go to Adobe or Skype official website to download the Linux version package, maybe you feel that it is not that convenient as just a click on the mouse, to search and to install. So, try Automatix.

Automatix is a graphic-interface program to install software, especially commercial software. Companies put their software into the Automatix source list, and you can search it in Automatix. When you decided to install it, you just need one click on the mouse and leave rest all to Automatix, just as Synaptic. But I think both Synaptic, Automatix and apt-get employ similar scheme. So, please DO NOT attempt to install any other software or run updates while running Automatix2. If you try to do so, Automatix2 will throw an error and exit.

This webpage will tell you how to install Automatix onto your computer.
I downloaded that deb package and double-clicked it in Ubuntu to install it. (Ha, install software on Linux is also "Click-and-Run", right?)

After installing, you should see a shortcut in "Application" -> "System Tools" -> "Automatix".

When you start Automatix, it will request you to enter the administrator password.
It will also be a notice about authorities, just click YES.
Automatix will download package list and public keys automatically.

Please remember, DO NOT install software that has been installed by Synaptic or apt-get or other package management tools. I think they maybe conflict. For example, I have install nVidia proprietary graphic card driver via "Restricted Drivers Manager" , then I won't install it again in Automatix.

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