Eye candy on Linux: Avant-Window-Navigator

Forrest Sheng Bao http://forrest.bao.googlepages.com

From now on, I will demo many beautiful eye candies on Linux, including the famous Beryl. I think those eye candies are great part of killer applications on Linux. Since the Linux operating system is totally open, anyone who had new idea can modify it. And Linux is designed in a "layer model". Thus each layer to implement those eye candies can be modified to enhance the performance without alter other modules. That is the reason why we can have so many choices and contributors all over the world are trying to making it better on their own "layer". For example, to implement the 3D desktop, you can choose compiz or beryl. To support them, you can run XGL or AIGLX. Unlike windows, these four programs are not developed by one company, but four different teams. Each team are doing their best to optimize their software. That is the reason why such eye candy can run on a poor computer but Windows Vista requires higher requirement to perform.

Over beryl or compiz, we can also run another eye candy program, avant-window-navigator, which is just what I wanna show today.

Do you still remember the Dock on Mac OS? Here it comes on Linux:

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