Recording in Helix DNA Producer on Ubuntu 6.10

Forrest Sheng Bao <>

I always wanna use Helix DNA Producer for Linux to convert media formats. But I found a little error. So I just tried to set the input as a devices rather than a file, recording from audio devices. Well, it works. My voice was saved as a PCM coded file.

forrest@flavia:/forrest/LinuxSoft/PCsoftware/Multimedia/producer$ ./producer -ac /dev/dsp -o test.wav
Helix DNA(TM) Producer 11.0 Build number:
Warning: Ignoring enableTwoPass for live encoding
Warning: Ignoring enableTwoPass for audio-only encoding
Info: Starting encode
Warning: Channel 0 below -60 dB since 10 seconds.
Warning: Channel 0 clips moderately.
Warning: Channel 0 clips moderately.
Info: Stop encoder request received
Info: Stopping encode
Info: Out- Total Audio Video Pre- Audience Name
Info: Aud kbps kbps kbps roll
Info: Stat1: 1:1 255 255.3 n/a 48 256k DSL or Cable
Info: Total Bitrate = 255 kbps
Info: Encoding successful!
Done Errors: 0 Warnings: 5

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