An Inconvenient Truth

Forrest Sheng Bao <>

I know Mr. Gore when I was a high schools student years ago. At that time, I join a program in my school called "GLOBE". ( GLOBE is a program initiated by Al Gore on the Earth Day of certain year(1996?). GLOBE stands for "Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment". It is mainly sponsored by NSF( and NASA(

I was very active during my time in the GLOBE group of my high school. I advocated students and teachers in the campus and started some recycle programs. By using the instruments provided by GLOBE, I can test the COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand) and BOD(Biological Oxygen Demand) of water in a lake in my campus, and other tests.

Today I watched a movie about his advocation on global warming. The movie is called "An Inconvenient Truth". Some people said he is a politician so they don't wanna listen to him, though what he said about global warming is true. I think we can consider this movie as a documentary or seminar about the evidence, effect and solution of global warming. No matter what is the original purpose of this movie, it does will let people know the importance of solving global warming and instruct us how to care our planet by our everyday behavior.

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