moving a downloading file "gracefully" on FF and GNOME

Forrest Sheng Bao <>

Funny, today I was downloading a file via "Save Link as" in Firefox. Later I came into the directory where the file was saved and used Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V to move it to another directory. After I pasted it in the new location, I thought that the downloading process may malfunction or interrupted by moving that downloading file. To my surprise, the downloading still worked fine and the file in new location was continually increasing its size.

Ah, is this the new function of Gnome Nautilus or Mozilla Firefox?

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Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with your browser. It's the way Linux does filehandles.

I'm not geek enough to understand this well, but the idea is this: The file name and location are not important. Once a file is opened for writing, you can move it wherever you want and the writing process will continue without a glitch.

Jesse Hughes