Accepted: a movie about education

Forrest Sheng Bao <>

Few days ago, I watched a movie called Accepted, presented by Universal Studio.
The story is about a high school graduate who has not been accepted by any college. He asked his friend to build a college website and lied to his parents that he was accepted by that fake institution. He and his other friends who were also not accepted by colleges rented a deserted psychology hospital and furnished it as a real college, the South Harmon Institute of Technology. (Short as SHIT.)

But the later problem was that other kids, who are not welcomed by their parents, friends and the society due to they low academic record, come to register in the SHIT. Their parents paid the tuition.

A nearby college, a real college, was very angry about this and wanted to shut this school. The boy had to go to Ohio State Board of Accreditation to clarify that his SHIT is a qualified education affiliation. On the hearing, the chair said a very meaningful conclusion:

"The true purpose of education is to stimulate the creativity and passion of student body. "

Then he gave the SHIT a one year trial.

I think most of our education is only focused on those straight-A students but not the students with other strengthens. The society is divers. So we should keep the diversity of education.

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