Install some packages before installing ns-2.30

Forrest Sheng Bao <>

Attention: before you install ns-2 , be sure that you have installed following packages
          tcl8.4 tk8.4 tcl8.4-dev tk8.4-dev
I found that NS-2 all-in-one package is lack of the check to Xmu library when install NAM. The "configure" script of NAM doesn't check Xmu library but can generate the "makefile". Thus, you assume that everything is ok. But NAM is not installed.
On Ubuntu Linux, please also install xmu by
          sudo apt-get install libxmu-header
After the installation of NS-2 all-in-one, you will get following output
Ns-allinone package has been installed successfully.
Here are the installation places:
tcl8.4.13: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/{bin,include,lib}
tk8.4.13: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/{bin,include,lib}
otcl: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/otcl-1.12
tclcl: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/tclcl-1.18
ns: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/ns-2.30/ns
nam: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/nam-1.12/nam
xgraph: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/xgraph-12.1
gt-itm: /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/itm, edriver, sgb2alt, sgb2ns, sgb2comns, sgb2hierns


Please put /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/bin:/usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/tcl8.4.13/unix:/usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/tk8.4.13/unix
into your PATH environment; so that you'll be able to run itm/tclsh/wish/xgraph.


(1) You MUST put /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/otcl-1.12, /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/lib,
into your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
If it complains about X libraries, add path to your X libraries
If you are using csh, you can set it like:
If you are using sh, you can set it like:

(2) You MUST put /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/tcl8.4.13/library into your TCL_LIBRARY environmental
variable. Otherwise ns/nam will complain during startup.

(3) [OPTIONAL] To save disk space, you can now delete directories tcl8.4.13
and tk8.4.13. They are now installed under /usr/local/ns-allinone-2.30/{bin,include,lib}

After these steps, you can now run the ns validation suite with
cd ns-2.30; ./validate

For trouble shooting, please first read ns problems page Also search the ns mailing list archive
for related posts.

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