The evil and immoral cruise line business

I had my first cruise trip not long ago. It wasn't a pleasant experience. The food was good. The room was good. The view was good. So why wasn't it pleasant? The way that the service staff were treated by the company.

The food and stateroom service staff were talking to me as if I was the king and they were my peasants. I couldn't stand it. They acted like people who were not as equal as me, but inferior to me. I speculated that the company put lots of pressure on them to behave like that. I'd feel more comfortable should they interacted with me like how American hospitality works interact with me.

Now I feel morally wrong to take cruise trips. I wish the cruise companies could behave as hiring someone on American soil, e.g., a McDonald's garnisher. Technically, the cruise was on US water. So I don't know why they were treated so badly.

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