Crowdfunding first time: BreadShield for Arduino

Update 10/2/2019: BreadShield has hit the store of Mouser, and Tindie. Feel free to order from there. If you are outside of the US, I think our Tindie store offers the most inexpensive shipping methods, with tracking info.

tl;dr: Jump to here:

I prototype a lot in Arduino and breadboard. But quite often, I end up with a jumper wire mess or spaghetti, like the one below:

And more important, I cannot use any shield boards jointly with my circuit on the breadboard -- jumper wires take all the spots.

One day I thought, what if I could replace the mess with a shield board? So BreadShield was born.

Take a look:

And here is a comparison:

Once the campaign concludes, I will open up the Github repository with all KiCAD files. It is open hardware.

If you also think it can save you a lot of time, go grab one now It's just 7 dollars each (or 15 dollars for 3) and free US shipping is included. Thank you!

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