Democrats saved the NIH from latest budget cut

I just saw this news on Huffington Post - and i don't believe it is a lie because the new budget proposal is a public government document:

"They also prevented Republicans from slashing funds for the National Institutes of Health: The agency will absorb a $260 million cut, rather than the $1.6 billion cut sought by House Republicans. "

How dare Republicans try to cut $1.6 billion for NIH? They don't want to find cures to diseases to save Americans' lives?

PS: Do Republicans forget this sentence in the Declaration of Independence, "and to secure these rights, governments are established among people" when they cut funds for improving local community on medical service, clean water, law enforcement, highway, etc. ?

Among the most cut, are $400 million for community medical centers, $1 billion for HIV and prevent-disease fund, $1.6 billion for clean water and other projects in local community and Indian tribes. I thought Republicans are very religious. Which religion in the world does not tell us to respect human lives and help others for a better life?

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