Synctex with TeXMaker to jump between your LaTeX source and PDF output

Do you write long papers in LaTeX and want instant jumps between LaTeX source and PDF output? For example, you notice a typo in your PDF, and you wanna go back to LaTeX source to fix it without locating it in your ``eye power''?

I recently start using a new LaTeX IDE called TeXMaker. It displays LaTeX source code and PDF output side-by-side, allowing you to jump instantly between them, via synctex.

Here is a video someone made to show you how it works.

You simply go to Options -> Configure Texmaker -> Commands. Then add --synctex=1 into the PDFLaTeX command options. Click OK. Now right (secondary) click on either your LaTeX source or PDF output and select "Jump to blah blah". Check the result!

You need TeXMaker 2.2 or later to do so. On Ubuntu Linux 10.10, the TeXMaker version is 2.0. So u need to download later versions from TeXMaker download page. The latest version is 3.0.

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Anonymous said...

This makes editing my latex document so much easier. Thank you!