Chinese peasants: there could be another peasant revolution

I saw this report a while ago on USA Today. It's about Chinese peasants. I visited China in 2008 and 2010, and I was stunted by the poverty of lower class there - they can't afford too many essential things to live, including health care and clean living environment. The government squeezed every penny out of its people, leaving them very little. So I was wondering how long the gov can squeeze its people like that.

And then, i saw this report on USA Today. One sentence really shocked me, said by an interviewed peasant: "If the government fails to solve the peasants' problems, there could be another peasant revolution."

I really could not understand why the Chinese gov does not show any interest in reformation, e.g., giving people more freedom and maintain a fair free market. If they keep what they are doing now, a revolution could happen in a foreseeable future.

Here is the full report:

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风急云却静 said...

wow, There are no tax for peasant for several yeas in China. And The peasant are the biggest group in China. So there is no revolution.
农民是历朝历代造反的起源。中国的农民几年前就不用交农业税了。靠知识分子是没办法revolution的。hope you can read Chinese. You are a great man.