Buying Dell Alienware with Ubuntu Linux (2014 version)

Update 2013-Jan-16: As Jeff H. pointed out below, Dell is no longer selling Alienware X51 with Ubuntu. I just checked and it seems to be. However, I found out that Dell provides a lot more Ubuntu options in Premier business section. The Dell chat agent whom I talked with just didn't tell me that. At least I solved the problem for my lab. Read here:

I am now purchasing computers for my lab. Of course, there is no space for Micro$oft Windows. I've narrowed my search to System76 and Dell, the two well-known Linux PC vendors in the US. In terms of desktop systems, my favor goes to Dell Alienware X51.

However, the landing page of "Alienware X51 with Ubuntu Linux" is quite out-of-date. The "Build Yours" button leads me to Page-Does-Not-Exist. I couldn't find any Linux-based system from current Alienware page either - all Windows boxes.

In despair, I chatted with a Dell agent and she gave me two links (which worked) below
She also told me that Dell is not selling other Linux-based desktop or workstations. (Bye Bye, n-series or open-source series.)

Last but not least, this is why you should use Linux: money talks. For Alienware X51 systems of the exact same hardware configuration, a Linux one is $100-200 cheaper than its Windows counterpart. The two systems about are sold for $699 and $949, respectively, if with Windows 7.

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Jeff H. said...

It's now the 16th of January and I noticed that the Ubuntu X51 options are no longer on the Alienware page. In fact, both of your links now direct to the Windows X51 options. I checked with a Dell Chat person and they confirmed that they're no longer on the page (though that was really all they said), and an e-mail to Sales suggested that I should talk to Technical Support.

If you're able to find another avenue to purchase the X51 with Ubuntu, especially with at the $599 or $739 price points you mentioned, I'd be very interested in a follow-up blog post.