I love you, West Texas!

I finally, experienced the first sand storm in Lubbock. I have been waiting to see this extraordinary natural power for more than 4 years!

A local news network reported that the wind lifted "one FedEx jumbo jet completely off its front wheels, pointing its nose toward the sky while it was still on the ground."

The news network also shows how the sand storm invaded the city. OMG, when it came, i really couldn't see any light from the outside of the window.

Here are two videos I found on Youtube. You can find a lot more.

Allow me to be religious in this geeky blog. Praise the God, for the power He has and the wonder He made. May He bless my beloved West Texas, forever!

Tonight, when I said I loved something BIG (like this) that you cannot see in Canada, a Canadian girl replied this back to me, which is also funny.

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