the president's speech, at facebook

President Obama had a town hall meeting at facebook last week. One question he answered was about the Dream Act. He mentioned a lot about high-skilled immigrants. I tried to write down what he said.

Here is it:"If we've got smart people who want to come here and start businesses and are PhDs in math and science and computer science, why don't we want them to stay? I mean, why would we want to send them someplace else? So those are potential job creators. Those are job generators. I think about somebody like Andy Grove of Intel. We want more Andy Groves here in the United States. We don't want them starting Intel in China, or starting it in France. We want them starting it here. So there is a lot that we can do for making sure that high-skilled immigrants who come here, study -- we've paid for their college degrees, we've given them scholarships, we've given them this training -- let's make sure that if they want to reinvest and make their future here in America that they can."

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