Killing your cell phone

I am reading Dr. Randy Pausch's time management talk again. He suggested to kill your TV. I think, we should also kill our cell phones if we really wanna do some wonderful technically and/or academically.

I haven't been carrying a cell phone since i became a graduate student. I only use a prepaid cell phone when traveling out of the town. Why would I need a cell phone if I lock myself in an office all day long?

Top one sin of cell phone: it interrupts the stream of thinking. I like to wire myself in while working.

Cell phone also gives you the excuse to change schedule. I like to stick on schedule.

I do not mean that you don't have to communicate, but, for technical or academic things, you can use methods that won't interrupt you, such as email (check only at  breaks), scheduled meeting, scheduled conference calls.

Also, i don't like to chat with friends if i have nothing serious to discuss - this may sound very mean or cruel to a lotta people. But, "smart people say because they have something to say; foolish people say because they have to say something."

According to Randy's talk, cell phone has another two bad outcomes - messy desktop and one thing extra to focus.

Unless I am listed as someone's emergency contact, will I carry a cell phone with me daily.

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