Successful software and useful AI algorithms

by Forrest Sheng Bao

A successful software n.
  1. The one shown on top of Google search result using the software name.
  2. The software in Ubuntu Linux software repository, i.e., you can use apt-get install the_software_name to install.
  3. The software on top of Android Market or iTunes Store search result using the software name
  4. Something equivalent to 1-3. 
The purpose we build software is to let people use it to make life easier. Hence, if no one uses it, it is useless.

I was thinking about this because I saw a Google Goggle video showing how fast it can solve Soduko problems. There are a lot of people working on satisfiablity problems in AI. Do Google use any of their algorithms in their Goggle Soduku solver?

If the industry do not use your algorithm for problems that your algorithm is claimed to solve, then either:

1. Your algorithm sucks.
2. You need to publicize your work - if that is your job and your collaborators do not wanna live on government welfare. 
3. You should continue enjoying the beauty created by yourself - if that is not your job or the future job of your graduate students.

Artificial intelligence, is, a science to let computers act humanly with intelligence in real life, not only on toy problems. We wouldn't think a person who can only solve a bunch of toy problems as intelligent or smart. It's the same for a computer.

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