Replanning matters

by Forrest Sheng Bao

There is always a big distance between what we think will happen and what we are not aware of going to happen. That's why I always advocate the communication between the industry and academia, at least for engineering fields.

Bad weather comes all the time. When it reaches an airport or a busy route, we need to be able to reschedule flights accordingly, and fast enough - otherwise, the airport will be turned into a refugee camp.

Below is a picture I shot at Shenzhen on my trip to China this summer. On that day, a large area of southern China was under thunderstorms. So, flights were delayed. Even worse, flight control couldn't let flights take off soon after the storm warning was lifted. I shot the picture at around 7 PM when the storm had gone for 4-ish hours. But you can see how many flights were still delayed. Actually, those flights didn't leave the airport until late night. The waiting lounge was in a big mess.

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