Ubuntu Strong: Dual folder window and cloud synchronization everywhere

by Forrest Sheng Bao http://fsbao.net

I have used many folder manager, Find on Mac OS X, IE on Windows, Nautilus on GNOME desktop environment of Linux. But, the latest Ubuntu (Linux) 10.10 modified Nautilus is the best I have ever used.

Two great features as shown above.

First, you can show two different folder contents in parallel. This is very useful. How many of you have to deal with copying files between to folders? Are you tired of switching between windows?

Second, I can synchronize any of my folder, no matter on which path, to Ubuntu One cloud. This is also very useful. Sometimes, we only need to backup files that are updated frequently in recent. And you don't wanna copy all files into the specified synchronization path, such as Dropbox folder. If you decide to not sync them anymore, easily uncheck the "Synchronize this folder" option. 

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