Skype Talk Screen, screen sharing on Linux

Recently, I am looking and testing free (I am a poor college student) and portable (can go with me on my trip) teleconferencing solutions to discuss research topics with talents around the world. Finally, I figured out that Xournal + Skype Talk Screen on Ubuntu Linux could be a good choice.

Ubuntu Linux

Well, everyone loves Linux, and Ubuntu. Everything just works out of box on my Dell Mini 10, except the embedded microphone. Doesn't matter. I can plug an external mic to the jack.

Xournal and Wacom pen tablet

When discussing, I need to show my scratch to my friends as we are talking in front of a chalkboard. I tried tablet PC. Ah, too many drawbacks on other aspects. So I use a pen tablet. I did some test, and after few practices, I can write and draw well.

There is an open source software called Xournal on Linux. Xournal can digitize the trace of your mouse or tablet pen - just like taking notes on traditional paper. You can install it via apt-get or Synaptic. It works better than Windows Journal or One Note.

I used a bluetooth Wacom tablet. You need to do small bug-fixing to make it work. Here is the information 

Skype, and Talk Screen

Google Talk, based on XMPP protocol, works fine on Ubuntu Linux, via Empathy or Pidgin, to support video and audio chatting. But, I can't share the screen and therefore cannot show my scratches on the tablet to my friends.

Luckily, Skype released a beta version with screen sharing function, aka Talk screen, in early 2010. So I download it (make sure you download at least Skype and install it. Bingo!

Here are some pictures showing how to so. First call your friend. After he/she picks up, find the blue button with a camera logo in the chat window.
Click it and select "Share Your Screen." You can either share the entire screen or part of it. I prefer part of it as it will use less bandwidth.

Then a frame will pop up to let you select the part of the screen you wanna share. U can move it around. I will place it to the center of my Xournal window. Once you are done, click "Start screen sharing" button at the bottom of the frame.
Finally, I will use the pen of my tablet to write down something.My friend can see me writing as the video being streamed via Talk Screen.

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