The best travel deal: Google Maps

I really don't understand why some people in the world wanna censor the Internet and block Google from their people. Googlers have built so many things more wonderful than Steve Jobs' "fruit" company has done.

Alright, go back Google Maps. I will have some travels to New England areas this summer. Well, actually not New England but New Sweden and New Netherlands. America is a genuine immigration country, unlike Canada, of only English and French - according to history classes I took in China and Texas. Haha.

So I wanna take a look first, beginning with Philadelphia. The conference local arrangement people sent me a picture of the building where I am gonna give a presentation. With this picture, I have the reference to check whether I will find the right place. I found the street intersection of this building on their campus map. After setting street view of of the intersection, I saw this:

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Yes, that's the right building I am looking for. But Google only has day view. How about some night view? Google Maps allows users to upload their personal pictures. This night view one is uploaded by Google user.

Google Maps is a great tool to travel. You can see more than a picture but a whole continuous street view. You can move around, and look around in your mouse. For example, while I was "wondering" on the street, I saw this:

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Oh, so Jefferson Medical College did the first liver transplant in 1984.

I know many people spending much time on search for good travel deals. Probably Google Maps is the best travel deal. Engineering is about dreams. I bet there are many people, old people, they had dreams when they were young, like visiting 100 must-go cities. Their physicial condition may not allow it now. But Google Maps can bring those cities right in front of them.

So, why would someone wanna block Google? There are more than 1 billion people there and 70% are elderly. If you block Google, you've killed their half-century-old dreams which can be realized thru model technology.

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