You have a parallel pin array on your *modern* motherboard

For anyone who works with MCU, DSP or in general embedded systems, you must know how important the parallel port on your PC is. But, it seems in lately few years, fewer and fewer motherboards have a pink parallel port.

Well, I just found the trick lately. There is a parallel pin array on your boardboard, like USB extension pins. On the PCB, around the parallel pin array, it prints something like "J_PRINTER"

So, what you need is a socket to parallel port, the IEEE 1284 D-sub connector. You just need to google something like "Motherboard Parallel Port Adapter," then you can get it within few dollars from places like eBay. Then you can have a regular parallel port on your computer.

In general, *modern* motherboard will say it has a "Printer port" at the "Internal I/O Connectors" section of its specification.

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