How Republicans screwed up America from 1998 to 2008

I checked the currency rate between US dollar and Canadian dollar today. It shocked me that one USD is only 1.04 CAD now! So I used Google Finance to figure out how this change happened. (Full URL

I compared USD to Euro and Canadian dollars in past 5 years. You can see two greatest changes, late 2004 and late 2008, when Bush Jr. and Obama won the presidency respectively. It went down a lot when Bush Jr. won and came up a lot when Obama won.

So, can I infer that the whole world got disappointed when Bush Jr. won in 2004 and got pleased when Obama won in 2008?

Can we say most countries out there are American allies? Why did they dislik Bush and preferred Obama? Why did only a few countries join US  actions in Afhganistan and Iraq? Remember that, they joined America in World War II and the Cold War.

From the currency rate plot, I have to say that the whole world had seen that Republicans screwed up this country.

I am conservative and religious. But I dislike anyone taking advantage of religion or ethics to get their ballots. I really got confused on things as follows:
  • Abortion is wrong; so war is right? Even when war is not the last option?
  • Jesus healed people in the Bible; so we can refuse giving people medical service since they are illegal immigrants? Did Jesis ever ask them "Are you legal in Israel?" before taking care of them?
  • Not accepting the Gospel of God is wrong; so death penalty is right? Banning criminals to know the name of Jesus and be saved through His name? 
  • We are made from the image of God - I assume someone out there agrees this. Including terrorists, right? So can you torture them? Torture a being made from the image of God, thru the hand of God, with the spirit of God? 
I have no answers to above debates but I do struggle a lot on them. I really don't like anyone influencing others' choice and claiming it's based on the Bible. Repeating a lie a thousand times will make it a truth. That's the trick of Nazi and Communists. You should inspire people to think and refer the Bible by themselves. I don't believe torturing, death penalty, wars or banning illegal immigrants to get free medicare are consistent with the ideas of Bible.

I don't think American allies, Europeans and Canadians, are all wrong or they are all bad people. Just see the currency and stock market in past few years - the economy has been screwed up. Things are not good.

To the best of my understanding to my religion, if we insist to do something, and things are getting worse during a long time, probably we are not on the track that God want us to go.

It's hard to know the plan of God. So don't pretend you know and make claims. What I can do is to think rather than listen to your repeating. That's how Martin Luther noticed the problems of Catholic church, right?

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