Video Tutorial: Debugging C++ programs in anjuta

by Forrest Sheng Bao

I just made a video tonight on how to debug a C++ program in anjuta, the open-source C/C++ IDE for Linux. anjuta is one component of GNOME development suite and thus part of GNOME project. I think it is very good, just a bit worse than Apple Xcode. But it is definitely way better than Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft should do some study on user interface design. Proper menu design, window layout and usability is more user-friendly than eye candies. Sadly, Microsoft focuses too much on eye candies, and makes using their software like dating a girl - every step is very complex.

So, very easy few steps:

1. Build -> Remove Configuration
2. Build -> Configure Project. Select "Configuration" as "Debug"
3. Build -> Build Project
4. Run -> Run Parameters. Select the executable file compile as Debug Mode. By default, the executable file should located at PROJECT_ROOT_PATH/Debug/src/
5. Set breakpoints
6. Run -> Debug Program
7. Select proper window at the bottom to view variable values, etc.

I will add annotations these days since I didn't record voice with that video. Comments and questions are welcomed.

The screenshot video is made by xvidcap, thanks for that open-source team. You can run "sudo apt-get install xvidcap" on Ubuntu Linux to install it in a snap.

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