Agilent ADS 2009 on Ubuntu Linux 9.04

by Forrest Sheng Bao

Agilent ADS is a great tool for circuit simulation on Linux.

1. Install ksh

sudo apt-get install ksh

2. Download and extract ADS2009 installation files. Enter the directory that stores all installation files. Run


and follow on-screen instructions.

Be sure to set the proper path for ADS2009. ADS2009 could be very big, 5.5 GB. So it is better to install it on a separate partition other than your root partition, like below.

3. Set necessary environmental variables. The HPEESOF_DIR environmental variable should be set to be equal to the path to the installation directory and add HPEESOF_DIR/bin into $PATH. Activate new environmental variables (You can logout and login again or source profile files.)

4. (Optional for 64-bit Linux) Install 32-bit libmotif. First, download 32-bit libmotif.

For Jaunty Jackalope, you can download it from

Then, extract the deb package. One file you can find from extracted libmotif3 deb package is data.tar.gz. The data.tar.gz in libmotif3 deb package contains all 32-bit libmotif3 libraries required by ADS2009. Extract it and you shall find a directory called usr in it. Enter that directory and enter the lib subdirectory. Copy every *.so.* file into /usr/lib32 (You may need root privilege to do so).

5. Add license server at pop-up window when your first type ads on the shell for the first time. This step depends on your license type. For me, I connect to a license server. For you, maybe it is a license file.

Now you are ready to run ADS2009.

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