Install MNI brain imaging tools via apt-get

by Forrest Sheng Bao

About one year ago(2006), I began to use MNIC tools developed by BIC, MNI, McGill University. It cost me much time on compiling them. Now, it is good. The repository for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux is available.
So you just need to do some very easy things:

1) Add you reponsitory
deb       ./

2) Install
sudo apt-get install arguments bicinventor bicpl brain-view classify conglomerate display ebtks glim-image inormalize libgetopt-tabular-perl libmni-perllib-perl minc mincblob mincdti mincfft mincmorph mincsample mni-autoreg mni-models-* n3 oobicpl postf ray-trace register volperf volregrid

3) Add /usr/local/bic/bin/ into your $PATH variable.

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