DVD-RW nonerasable problem on Linux

Forrest Sheng Bao http://forrest.bao.googlepages.com

I was ignored by a problem that I can't erase my DVD-RW and can't burn it again. Now I found the problem, that it doesn't support TAO(track-at-once) model. No matter I use K3b or Nautilus media burner, they are return me an error at the starting time. I checked the log of K3b, it even used dvd+rw tools to burn my dvd-rw disk. OMG, I can't depend on default or auto setting this time. Once I select DAO mode to burn, it works fine now. But K3B still can't erase DVD-RW. So I use dvdrecorder to do that:
dvdrecord dev= 0,0 -v blank=fast To fully remove then you can change the "fast" into "all".

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