Cadence Allegro Installation on Ubuntu 7.04

Forrest Sheng Bao

All what we later do are performed on a Linux shell. Although Cadence provides the GUI tools to download archives and load software, I prefer the command line version. Please make sure that you have the write permission on all directories to be operated.

Before you started, you should have following five tar balls, named as Base_SPB155_lnx86_"n"of5.tar , where n varies from 1 to 5. And you should also have an email or a license file(*.lic) containing registered license information. In my case, the file is license.lic.
forrest@flavia:/forrest/LinuxSoft/eda/Cadence/Allegro.SPB155$ ls
Base_SPB155_lnx86_1of5.tar Base_SPB155_lnx86_3of5.tar Base_SPB155_lnx86_5of5.tar
Base_SPB155_lnx86_2of5.tar Base_SPB155_lnx86_4of5.tar license.lic

Extract them and then you can file subdirectories named as CDROM"n" in a newly-created folder "SPB155_lnx86.Base".
forrest@flavia:/forrest/LinuxSoft/eda/Cadence/Allegro.SPB155$ ls SPB155_lnx86.Base/

You will start you installation from the subdirectory CDROM1 which contains following contents:
forrest@flavia:/forrest/LinuxSoft/eda/Cadence/Allegro.SPB155/SPB155_lnx86.Base/CDROM1$ ls

Please prepare an empty directory as the destination to the installation or you can leave it along since the installation program will create that directory later for you.

forrest@flavia:/forrest/LinuxSoft/eda/Cadence/Allegro.SPB155/SPB155_lnx86.Base/CDROM1$ ./SETUP.SH

Type the destination of installation when prompted:
Specify path of install directory [OR type [RETURN] to exit]: /forrest/Applications/spb155

Directory /forrest/Applications/spb155 does not exist. Create? [y/n]: y

When asked whether to install InstallScape, select 'n' since we will use SoftLoad later.

Do you want to use InstallScape to install Cadence software?
InstallScape is the new Cadence Java/XML based installation utility.
It supports everything that SoftLoad does and more.
It also allows you to download Cadence software from the Internet.
For more details on InstallScape refer to InstallScape manual

To install using SoftLoad select 'n'

Do you want to use InstallScape [y/n]:n

You might got the warning that could not set up SoftLoad on the destination. Don't worry, press ENTER on the next prompt. We will run SoftLoad manually later.

Could not set up SoftLoad in /forrest/Applications/spb155

You must have write permissions to install directory and all its subdirectories
and atleast 10 MB available disk space in install directory.

Specify path of install directory [OR type [RETURN] to exit]: [ENTER was pressed here!]


Now switch to the installation destination. You should see following things:
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/install$ ls
bin.lnx86 pdts pkgs tmp

Enter the bin.lnx86 directory and start the softload program.
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/install/bin.lnx86$ ./softload

1) Load Available Products

Then select
1) Local (mounted to this machine)

2) Other
on the next prompt to specify the position of your CDROM1.
Type your choice: [ 1 ] 2

Type the CD-ROM mount point: [ /cdrom ] /forrest/LinuxSoft/eda/Cadence/Allegro.SPB155/SPB155_lnx86.Base/CDROM1

Extracting installation information from CD#1.

When asked whether to read the README file, you can choose 'no'.
Please press y (yes) or n (no) : n

When asked " Where is the installation information?", you can choose to use your Email file. But on my case, I select
4) Cadence Catalog

Then all available packages will be listed and I suggest you to install them all if your license can verify all of them. Otherwise following the instructions on the screen to select part of them. You can press the [SPACE] key to scroll down the list. So I type "a" to select all packages.
Type your choice (a,n,p,1-3,2 5 9 ...): a

You will be asked to confirm your choice. If it is correct, answer y.
Are your selections correct? [y/n] y

You will be asked again for the confirmation before the "real" installation. Press [ENTER] to proceed and then you can have a cup of coffee.
The following media is required:

Press [Return] to proceed, q to quit :

You will be prompted to provide the mount point of other CDs during the installation process. But it seems if you CDROM2/3/4/5 file are in the same directory with CDROM1, the program can find them automatically.

When you are done, you will return to the top screen of SoftLoad. Now let's do some configurations:
1. Go to the installation destination and make a symbolic link.
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155$ ls
data doc install INSTALL.HTML pcbsystemreqs.pdf README share tmp tools.lnx86 veriloglib
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155$ ln -s tools.lnx86 tools

2. Copy the license.lic file into the share/license subdirectory of your installation destination.
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155$ cp /forrest/LinuxSoft/eda/Cadence/Allegro.SPB155/license.lic ./share/license/

3. Set and export following environmental variables
# Cadence PSD environment
export CDS_INST_DIR=/forrest/Applications/spb155
export CDS_LIC_FILE=$CDS_INST_DIR/share/license/license.lic
export CDS_SITE=$CDS_DIR/share/local/
export PATH=$CDS_INST_DIR/tools/jre/bin:$CONCEPT_INST_DIR/tools/bin:$CONCEPT_INST_DIR/tools/pcb/bin:$CONCEPT_INST_DIR/tools/fet/bin:$PATH

Please set your destination as CDS_INST_DIR.

You can put above lines into your ~/.bashrc or into /etc/profile and "source modified_environmental_variable_definition_file". For example, I put them at the end of /etc/profile and run a "source /etc/profile".

forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/install/bin.lnx86$ sudo vim /etc/profile
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/install/bin.lnx86$ source /etc/profile

4. Make a symbolic link since basename is needed in Allegro configuration process.
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/basename /bin/basename
If the location of basename is different from mine, you may search its location and make a symbolic link as I do.
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155$ whereis basename
basename: /usr/bin/basename /usr/X11R6/bin/basename /usr/bin/X11/basename /usr/share/man/man1/basename.1.gz
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/basename /bin/basename

5. Install csh since sometimes you will need it. (The default shell on Linux is bash rather than csh.)

OK, now start SoftLoad again:
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/install/bin.lnx86$ ./softload

4) Configure Installed Products
this time.

Then select
1) System-level Configuration

Confirm all products will be configured
Type your choice (a,n,p,1-3,2 5 9 ...): a

Confirm again
Are your selections correct? [y/n] y

You will be asked about Stream Manager. I choose to install it now.
Preparing to configure the Stream Manager tool now...

This release includes a copy of the Stream Manager tool and associated data
files which help you to set up and manage your run-time environment.

For details of the tool refer to the Stream Manager documentation which is
included in the documentation set for this release.

For details of the Stream Manager configuration process, see

You have the choice whether to configure the Stream Manager now or at a later
date. If you choose to do it later, you can either run Softload configuration
again, or type

Do you want to configure the Stream Manager now? (y/n) : y

I also set the destination of Stream Manager as /forrest/Applications/spb155/StreamManager

Configuring Stream Manager - Wed Jun 20 17:13:09 CST 2007

Installing Stream Manager tools.

Enter full network path name of required installation directory
( = /forrest/Applications/smTool03.00-s008) : /forrest/Applications/spb155/StreamManager

Creating /forrest/Applications/spb155/StreamManager

Copying Stream Manager and associated tools to /forrest/Applications/spb155/StreamManager
- this may take a few minutes.

I encountered an error:
/forrest/Applications/spb155/StreamManager/tools/jre/bin/java: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

A question regarding Perl will be asked. Type y.
Changing perl references to suit local installation
Do you want to use your existing perl path /usr/bin/perl? (y/n) : y

You will need to install a program called "registry" then. I accept the default settings.
Locating a central Cadence registry.

The Cadence registry is a read-only registry which contains Product and
Stream template data supplied by Cadence. The Softload system configuration
step populates this registry over time.

Cannot locate an existing Cadence registry root directory through the
CDS_REGISTRY_ROOT environment variable or in the default location

Enter full network path name for Cadence registry root directory
( = /forrest/Applications/spb155/smCdsReg) :

Creating /forrest/Applications/spb155/smCdsReg

Locating a local registry

The local registry contains site specific registry data. The registry
is populated over time as part of the stream and project registration
process, or as details of third party products are added.
The Cadence and local registries cannot share the same location.

Cannot locate an existing local registry root directory through the
LOCAL_REGISTRY_ROOT environment variable or in the default location

Enter full network path name for local registry root directory
( = /forrest/Applications/spb155/smLocal) :

Creating local registry /forrest/Applications/spb155/smLocal

Creating setup files

Setup commands are available in

Configuration completed.

Choose a when asked about configure Concept-HDL libraries.
The following Concept-HDL Libraries can be configured.
Select the libraries by their numbers or all of them.

Note: Installation Times below depend on the load
on the server and network and number of files
in the library packages....

The sizes of the libraries are approximate.

Libraries Description Size Install Time
--------------------- ---- ------------
1) 54TTL Library ........ 58.0M .. 150min
2) 74TTL Library ........ 69.9M .. 175min
3) CMOS Library ......... 83.1M .. 200min
4) Element/libCOMMON .... 3.1M .. 8min
5) ECL Library .......... 24.6M .. 60min
6) Interface Library .... 13.9M .. 35min
7) Memory Library ....... 46.7M .. 115min
8) GaAs Library ......... 1.5M .. 4min
9) PLD Library .......... 11.5M .. 30min
10) VLSI Library ........ 17.0M .. 40min
11) TTL Tech. Indep. Lib. 30.0M .. 40min
a) All of the above ... 359.3M .. 817min
x) Abort configuration for later resumption

Type your choice (a,x,2 5 9 ...) :a
You have selected the following libraries for configuration
54TTL Library
74TTL Library
CMOS Library
Element/libCOMMON Library
ECL Library
Interface Library
Memory Library
GaAs Library
PLD Library
VLSI Library
TTL Tech. Indep. Lib.
Are the above selection correct (y,n) :y

Then have a cup of coffee again.

Press q to quit SoftLoad when you are done.

You can start Allegro now by typing "allegro" on the shell. But it will be some problem
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/install/bin.lnx86$ allegro
/forrest/Applications/spb155/tools/pcb/bin/allegro.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

To fix this problem, I manually replace

line 88 of /forrest/Applications/spb155/tools/fet/bin/

and line 179 of /forrest/Applications/spb155/share/bin/cdsdoc

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 into tool/pcb/bin/allegro

but still a problem
forrest@flavia:/forrest/Applications/spb155/tools/pcb/bin$ allegro
/bin/csh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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