How to mount USB stick on FreeBSD 6.2

Forrest Sheng Bao
The purpose of this article is to provide a short how-to to those who do not want to read the long FreeBSD handbook.

The device name of USB stick is da. For example, the first USB stick is da0 and the second USB stick is da1.
To mount a USB stick in FAT32 file system, run
mount_msdosfs -m 644 -M 755 /dev/da0 /your/mount/point

If you can't, try to add a slice number, for example da0s1. To know this, please do an "ls" in the /dev directory. Sometimes I found the da0s1 becomes da0S1-the s is capitalized.

Section 18.5 USB Storage Devices, FreeBSD Handbook

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