Installing Brown Coherence Toolkit for entity grid on Ubuntu Linux 14.04

Brown Coherence Toolkit extracts a feature called Entity Grid [1]. I need to use it for a project lately.

Here are the steps:
  1. Clone Brown Coherence Toolkit (BCT) from

    Note to use Mercurial instead of Git, i.e., instead of doing git clone, do hg clone.
  2. Install WordNet (WN) and GNU Scientific Library (GSL).
    sudo apt-get install wordnet-dev libgsl0-dev 
  3. Extract Brown Coherence Toolkit.
  4. Edit Makefile. In this section of code below,

    ifeq (${ARCH}, 64)
    WNDIR = /usr
    WNINCLUDE = -idirafter$(WNDIR)/include -DUSE_WORDNET
    WNLIBS = -L$(WNDIR)/lib -lwordnet # -lWN
    WNDIR = /path/to/wordnet-3.0-32
    WNINCLUDE = -idirafter$(WNDIR)/include -DUSE_WORDNET
    WNLIBS = -L$(WNDIR)/lib -lWN

    Change WNDIR to /usr In my case, since my computer is 64-bit, I only edited out the part for 64-bit.

    Then, add -fpermissive flag to CFLAGS. That is

    The reason of -fpermissive is explained here: (See the section Name Lookup Changes). Otherwise, the order of template function definitions in BCT will cause trouble.

  5. Create two directories. In my case (64-bit),
    mkdir bin64 lib64
  6. Run
    make everything

[1] Micha Elsner and Eugene Charniak. Extending the Entity Grid with Entity-specific Features. Proceedings of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2011), Portland, Oregon. [PDF] [Slides (PDF)

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