OpenKinect and Kinect Model 1473

Since I am a computer engineering professor now, I do something other than computational neuroscience (neuroinformatics) or bioinformatics.

Recently, I started working on a project using 4D camera (RGB + depth). I spent $30 on eBay to get a Kinect. Today I just got it. First, I decided to use OpenKinect/freenect to make sure that the depth sensor is working. 

My Kinect is a late version 1473. The freenect package comes with my Ubuntu Linux 13.04 is too old - though this version of Kinect has been around for quite a while.

I struggled a lot and couldn't get it to work, until I saw this in freenect's discussion.

If you have Kinect 1473, go to OpenKinect's Github repository for the latest version. Then follow the instruction on their wiki to compile and install. Then it should work.

Oh, here is my first encounter with Kinect. Pay attention to the wrinkles on my shirt and the depth hole in my mouth - I intentionally did that.

Also I found out that open source drivers do not work for Kinect for Windows. Be sure to get Kinect for XBox.

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