MPLAB X failed on PMP simulation

I just encountered a problem with Microchip's MPLAB X's simulator.

I wrote a very simple piece of program which switches values at the pin PMA0 (which is shared with RB15). The simulator just gave flat low.

I was so puzzled that I connected output pins to a logic analyzer. It showed that I was right and the simulator just didn't work correctly. The logic analyzer also gave me correct output if I set it to be always high or always low.

I am really disappointed about this bug, because it took me and my students hours. Even after I set the output on PMA0 to be constantly high, the virtual logic analyzer still gave me always low.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I appear to have the same issue, a constant low on those pins when using the simulator with logic analyser. All PMP registers are updated with the correct data.
Not sure if MCHP aware.