Compiling EDFBrowser on Windows

"Any program written for Windows platform extends the life of the evil OS." - Richard Stallman (to the best of my memory, but i could not find it online)

Teunis did a great job on making EDFBrowser. I have been using it on Linux for quite a while. But, some of my collaborators need to use it on Windows. So I have to find a solution for them. Luckily, I found a solution after a few hours of struggling and I fully understand that Windows is a bad platform to develop and distribute your software package.


1. Install MinGW
The repository to all MinGW downloads is
But, you probably don't need that much. For most people, just go to and click the green Download button.

Install as you install most Windows programs. Make sure to check C++ support when asked.

You must read , which provides you information on how to set environment variables on Windows. You have to do this step.

Log out and then log in - so your environment variable change will be effective.

2. Install Qt (>4.7)

Download a Qt version greater than 4.7 (but not v. 4.8.3). You can download the latest version at  Or, all archived versions at

Be sure to download the one for Windows platform with MinGW. Do NOT download the source code release unless you know what you are doing.

The one I downloaded is

Do NOT download v. 4.8.3 which has a trivial but annoying bug when you compile EDFBrowser later.

Install Qt as you install most Windows programs. Do NOT forget to set environmental variables according to this:

Log out and then log in - so your environment variable change will be effective.

3. Download the source code of EDFBrowser and compile it

You can download EDFBrowser at

Very easy. First, uncompress the source code.  Start a command line terminal on Windows (if you don't know, Google it. - Windows changes its interface from XP to 8 all the time, so I can NOT give you a quick answer.)  Enter the directory where you uncompress EDFBrowser's source code. Now, first type qmake and then type make, like the screenshot below.

I have compiled once. So, it says "nothing to be done."

You should find an exe file called EDFBrowser in bin directory now.

That's it.

Comments are welcome.

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