Scientific knowledge and logic: A keynote speech at AAAI 2012

This summer, I attended AAAI-12. Among the keynote speeches, my favorite one is the one by Ross D. King. The season is the 3 bullets from a slide of his presentation. Each of the sentences below echoes in my heart.
  • The goal of science is to increase our knowledge of the natural world through the performance of experiments. 
  • The knowledge should be expressed in formal logical languages.
  • Formal languages promote semantic clarity, which in turn supports the free exchange of scientific knowledge and simplifies scientific reasoning.
  We are entering a Big Data age, especially true for scientific research data. How to extract knowledge from the data and develop new knowledge, is an interesting question. I believe that this is more than what we call Data Mining today.

If you wanna enjoy this speech, here is the video:

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