Installing CTF MEG Suite on Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (64-bit)

by Forrest Sheng Bao

  1. install necessary packages
    sudo apt-get install rpm alien enscript xprint python-dialog libmotif4 lesstif2 libstdc++5
    optional, do this on 64-bit system:
    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
  2. Mount the CTF software ISO
    sudo mount ctf-5.2.1.iso -o loop /mnt/cdrom
  3. Run the installation script.
    sudo bash /mnt/cdrom/CTF.install
    Please note that the sudo is unnecessary if you do not install CTF software suite onto a directory which requires root privilege, such as default installation path /opt/ctf/

    Type "y" for all questions. You will be asked a question about the hardware like this
    Select which electronics system is in use.
    CTF_MEG2000 -- Contains  DSQ-2041/DSQ-2043 DSP bank with DSQ-2010 SQUID Channel Units 
                   and rack mounted ADC/Trigger units
    CTF_MEG2005 -- Contains  DSQ-2041/DSQ-2043 based DSP bank with DSQ-2010 SQUID Channel Units
                   and desktop Electronic Control Console
    Select "Skip" to skip installation of electronics specific files.
    1) CTF_MEG2000
    2) CTF_MEG2005
    3) Skip
    Select electronics system version :3
    Unless you are installing on a computer that controls the MEG scanner, select 3 to skip.
  4. download from and put it in your library loading path, e.g.,
    sudo wget -O /usr/lib32/
  5. (optional) Add your CTF installation path into Linux environment variable $PATH, e.g.,
    echo export PATH="$PATH":/opt/ctf/bin >> ~/.bashrc

    Log out and log in again. Or
    source ~/.bashrc

    I do not like to change system-wide configuration files. So I set the PATH.bashrc. But this is not mandatory.

  6. All set! I don't know why i can never make ControlCenter display any botton on its main interface but my colleagues can always. But I really don't bother it. I simply run each individual program in CTF MEG Suite.

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