The sleeping experiment

Many years ago, when i first started working on brain imaging, I heard such a hypothesis: If a man uniformly distribute the sleeping hours into several slots (e.g., sleeping 1.5 hours after every 4.5 hours of working), then he has enough sleep while in total sleeps less.

This is really a good hypothesis and I want to do an experiment to see whether it is true.

So here is my plan. I will sleep from 7PM to 10 PM and 6AM to 9 AM every day. For the rest time, i will work. In total, i only need 6 hours of sleeping every day. And I can increase my working hours to 18 per day. In such a way, I can have 136 hours of working per week - assuming that I am not gonna meet a pretty girl before I get my PhD.

The benefit is obvious, I can be on during normal business hours while having a whole night quietly working - people in other labs make loud noise when their carts pass by my office door.

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