Should human knowledge be represented in logic?

by Forrest Sheng Bao

Yes, knowledge representation is a big problem in AI. "In order for a program to be capable of learning something it must first be capable of being told it."

But first, should knowledge be represented in languages?

Second, does the language have to be based on logic?

An example. Do a bunch of data and their labels represent some kind of knowledge? Let's say the data are X-ray images of chest cancer patients and normal people, and a label is 1 if the doctors diagnose the subject as a patient and 0 as a normal people. Is this a piece of human knowledge? Sure. Do we create a special language to represent it? Well, we can simply use matrices - this is the convention in pattern recognition community.

Do we use logic? Probably not at all. Not all human knowledge can be easily represented in logic.

Third, what if only a small portion of human knowledge can be represented in logic?

Well, of course, it is also possible that a better way to represent human knowledge hasn't been invented yet. 

So, I need to jump out of the box sometimes.

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