An article about my work on MIT Technology Review Blog

by Forrest Sheng Bao

There was an article related to my work on an MIT Technology Review Blog Wednesday.

I didn't know this until someone else in my university told me. I guess the author saw a paper I pre-printed at arXiv and felt it was interesting. I appreciate the author to report my work, but I have some words to say regarding the report.

Maybe because I didn't express my ideas very clearly in my paper, some words in the report are not accurate, such as "dramatic impact" or "Nobody." Firstly, there are many similar or close research done by other groups. Secondly, our work is just a very primitive trial, using limited testing methods on very small amount of patient data, only 6 patients.

So above are things I want to make clear. I only did a small trial and the contribution is not very big as some reader may feel.

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